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Posts by Moira Peters

The Media Co-op

Janvier 5, 2010

News From the Frontier

» News Release: by Carmelle Wolfson
The Media Co-op

Janvier 2, 2010

Canadian Peace Marchers Trapped in Cairo

» News Release:
The Media Co-op

Décembre 29, 2009

Canada Successfully Destroys Parody Websites

» News Release: by The Yes Men

Décembre 27, 2009 • Media Co-op

Pregnant Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated in El Salvador

Second opponent to Pacific Rim slain this week

Décembre 24, 2009 • Media Co-op

Bolivia Organizes Summit to Solve Climate Change Issues

» Story: by Daily Granma

Décembre 21, 2009 • Media Co-op

Opponent to Canadian Pacific Rim Assassinated in El Salvador

Ramiro Rivera shot while under police protection

» Story: by Moira Peters

Décembre 17, 2009 • Media Co-op

Six Unionists Killed in Guatemala This Year

» Blog: posted by Moira Peters

Décembre 16, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Harper in the Hot Seat

Canada spanked and spoofed in Copenhagen over tar sands development, resistance to global emissions targets

» Story: by Moira Peters
The Media Co-op

Décembre 3, 2009

Honduras: no return to "business as usual"

» News Release: by Amnesty International Canada
The Media Co-op

Décembre 3, 2009

CIDA Cuts to KAIROS Will Devastate Human Rights Work Overseas

» News Release: by KAIROS

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