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Posts by Miles Howe

February 19, 2015 • Halifax Media Co-op

Intervenor Pizza Party!

While National Energy Boards eschews Climate Change, Stop Energy East Halifax soldiers on

» Story: by Zack Metcalfe

February 19, 2015 • Halifax Media Co-op

And Environmental Justice For All

The compelling case for a Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights

» Story: by Rebecca Hussman

February 18, 2015 • Halifax Media Co-op

Repurposing an Icon

Friends of the Khyber Consult with Plans

» Story: by Laura Shepherd

February 17, 2015 • Halifax Media Co-op

Gutting the Fisheries Act

Aquaculture action group back together to oppose reduced enforcement of pesticide use

» Story: by Miles Howe
Halifax Media Co-op

February 11, 2015

Thinking Sexy Thoughts? - We'll pay you for them.

February 9, 2015 • Halifax Media Co-op

Halifax Typographical Union files complaint with Labour Minister

As Chronicle Herald suggests lockout, union wants it preemptively declared illegal.

» Story: by Miles Howe

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